Ts & Cs

Terms & Conditions for hirers

Regular classes

There is a minimum booking period of one hour on weekdays and regular class slots are payable in advance, in four week blocks. Notice of two weeks is required to cancel the class booking. The regular class teachers have the opportunity to renew at the end of each four week block. Space At The Mill reserves the right to cancel a class with two weeks notice. The teacher is required to provide cover for their class if necessary, to ensure schedule continuity.

Events and ad-hoc rentals

Payment: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking. Booking is confirmed only on receipt of the deposit and Space At The Mill reserves the right to schedule in other bookings until the deposit has been received. Deposits are non-refundable; however if cancellation is no less than two months in advance of the booking it may be possible to reschedule an alternative date within a six month period, although availability cannot be guaranteed. If the original booking date is re-let a refund, minus a £15.00 admin fee, will also be offered. The balance of payment is due one month in advance of the booking and failure to pay the remaining balance by this date may result in cancellation. Payment is made strictly through the website.

Hirers must hold all the relevant qualifications and insurance policies.

Space At The Mill accepts no responsibility for injury, loss or theft on the premises.

Hirers must familiarise themselves and their visitors with the fire exits and comply with security and fire regulations.

Space At The Mill must not be used for illegal, offensive or immoral acts and no smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs may be consumed on the premises.

Space At The Mill reserves the right for the owner/ manager to attend any event being held free of charge for social media content.

Please help us to maintain our high standards. If furniture, lamps or floor plants have been moved around replace everything as you found it. Please do not remove the hanging plants. It is the hirer(s) responsibility to leave Space At The Mill in the condition it was found and properly secured.

Burning incense: Please be careful not to over smoke the room and restrict the use of these items to the studio only as the stairwell and corridor have smoke alarms.

Space At The Mill reserves the right, in the event of a breech of these terms & conditions, to terminate the booking with immediate effect.

By paying the hirer(s) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.