Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00
All Levels £10
My name is Sifu Jamal Alek and I am the chief instructor and manager of the
Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre in Manchester, also the senior instructor of the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre and disciple of Grandmaster Liming Yue.
Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced students teaching Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Quan & Chinese Health Qigong, offering a friendly welcoming atmosphere in this wonderful Space for you to start or to continue your journey.
We teach the full grading syllabus from chinese health exercises, foundation training to advance weapons training, along side Chinese Kung Fu with traditional chinese lion dance and dragon play.
Offering classes, seminars and workshops, student grading and instructor courses throughout the year, we are sure to keep your practice fresh and rewarding.

email: ja-fu@live.co.uk


Wednesday 19.15 - 20.15
My name is Nigel Meadows and I am the founder of Gym & Juice.
Starting with a complimentary lemon & ginger shot the fusion class then combines yoga inspired asanas to warm and mobilise the body leading into Functional Strength, hiit & core. The evening session ends with meditative, relaxing breathwork ensuring you leave the session prepared for the evening ahead. The all rounder - expect to feel worked out with calories burned, yet leaving calm, balanced and reset.
Our classes are suitable for all levels.
email: nigel@gymandjuiceuk.com

INSTA gymandjuiceuk


Monday 18.15 - 19.30
All levels £7/ £6 cons.
My name is Elliott Northrop (aka Dragão) and I am the Manchester based Capoeira Instructor of Capoeira Natural Do Brasil.
Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music and dance in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called a “game” that is played, not a fight. Capoeira is always played with a smile on face symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid from the danger that is coming. The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity. 
Our classes are suitable for all levels so anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.”
email: dragaocndb@hotmail.com
Mon/ Tues/ Thurs - See schedule for times
Adult dance classes, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary Pointe Work and more. Our classes are open to adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also provide classes for children from 3 - 16 years old.
KNT Danceworks is an established Dance School in Manchester with over 10 years experience. Our classes are held in 5 different studios which are spacious and of the highest quality. The environment is safe and friendly, and both teachers and students are welcoming to any new students. So ignore all the hype about having to be a specific shape or size to be able to dance! These classes are for people who have a hobby, want to keep fit and fancy some new tricks to show off on the dance floor!!
email: info@kntdanceworks.co.uk


Classes currently not running
Iyengar Yoga Accessible yoga:
Learn how to make shapes with your body to form standing and seated poses. Develop stability and flexibility. Immediately experience more freedom in your body and eventually in your mind. The poses we work on help us focus, concentrate and quieten down busy minds. Theres plenty of help, hands on adjustment and direction so we can learn safely.
The beginners class is open to all including complete beginners and “bad backs”.
I believe yoga positively transforms body, mind and soul! I’m passionate about the Iyengar method being accessible to all regardless of age, ability or state of health. I attended my first Iyengar class ten years ago and was amazed at how much I learnt and how great I felt – the door was open on a new kind of self-awareness and self-study! Since then I’ve been fascinated by the depth of the subject and never ending learning, the study of consciousness, the study of breath, the chance to gain and improve my health and the journey in. I’m grateful to have studied with senior teachers Rajiv and Swati Chanchani amongst many others that visit us at Manchester & District Institute of Iyengar Yoga, and share their knowledge and years of study with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.  
“Words cannot convey the value of yoga, it has to be experienced” BKS Iyengar

FB/INSTA @laurenmayyoga


Classes currently not running
Hi, I'm Mary. My practice is comprised of a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga as well as meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises).
I believe that although Yoga is a serious practice, it can be a lot of fun too! 
Alongside being a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance member, I have also completed a level 3 and 4 nutrition AFN as 'wellness' encompasses our diet too. MY City Yoga is set up with you in mind, the goal of my classes is for everyone to come away feeling good. I want yoga to be accessible to not just the already 'bendy', 'strong', 'young', but to any shape, size and income. 
I'll see you on the mat. 
This class is open to all whether you are completely new or looking to progress! A mainly Hatha based class with some incorporation of Vinyasa and Astanga. Classes usually will be a combination of some strength training and stretches ending with a relaxing cool down. My class will also have breathing techniques and some hands on adjustments. Variations will be suggested to that those who want a bit more challenge can take those and those would wish to ease in a little more can take other suggestions.