Crystalicious Yin Nourishment


Yin yoga and crystal energy healing in Manchester: Space at the Mill


Nourish yourself with 90 minutes of candlelit yin yoga, crystal healing and sound medicine. Together we will travel on a shamanic journey as we step into the ether and surrender to the unknown. Yin yoga is a deeply restorative practice teaching self-compassion, gratitude and resilience. A meditative and introspective practice in nature, yin yoga asks us to slow down whilst revitalising the tissues of the body.  We will work with crystals to form crystal grids, singing bowls and poetry to bring us back to centre. This is a real soul nourishing practice for busy yogi’s looking to wind down and return to love.

Time: 7.45pm - 9.15pm

Address: 2nd Floor Wellington Mill, Duke Street, Manchester M3 4NF

Investment: £11